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Hi! My name is Dara K. Fulton and I am an English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher. My students call me "Teacher Dara." I live in New York City, the United States. I have over 15 years experience teaching English to adults. I have a Bachelor's degree in English, two Associates degrees, and TESOL and TEFL certifications. I LOVE being a teacher, because I love helping people learn English. I also LOVE drinking coffee :)

I love to say, "TRY YOUR BEST," because when you try your best you DO your best. I am here to help YOU practice and feel confident speaking English in everyday life. 

Applied ESL is a Minority, Women Business Enterprise (MWBE) certified business in New York City, NY.


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I offer one-to-one lessons to adults via Zoom or Skype.

I teach BEGINNER and INTERMEDIATE level students.

*Students MUST be able to speak some English.


Lessons are for 1 hour


Learn how to use English in LIFE SKILLS: things we know how to do in everyday life. 

Learn how to speak formal and informal English in conversation, improving your listening and pronunciation skills.


Lessons are based on students' needs and interests.

Confidence tips 

Real life examples and materials are included in every lesson.


Students may purchase the Applied ESL Life Skills student workbooks for lessons

Workbooks are especially recommended for BEGINNER level students


Payments are accepted through PayPal.

Payment MUST be received before lesson.

The Applied ESL student contract must be read, agreed, and signed by both the teacher and student to start lessons. 


Take the FIRST STEP to learning English!

Take a 30 minute lesson with Teacher Dara!
Cost: $20

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MAY 1, 2022**

Welcome to the 3rd book from Applied ESL! Signs Resource Book is a book about street signs, store signs, COVID-19 signs and instructions


Signs Resource Book is NOW available on Amazon

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Applied ESL, LLC is a Limited Liability Corporation and is registered by the state of New York, the United States. Applied ESL was formally known as Dara's ESL which started in 2018. The name Applied ESL and its business officially became a LLC in February 2019.

Dara K. Fulton is the sole owner and teacher of Applied ESL and is New York City Minority/Women Business Enterprise (MWBE) certified
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What do students have to say about Teacher Dara ?
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Check out my LIVE weekly series on Instagram, Workbook Wednesdays at 5pm where I teach FREE English lessons based from the Applied ESL Life Skills Student Workbook. I also share tips for teachers so they can use the lessons for their students.

Limei (Sara)


Dara was my teacher from January to May 2018. She’s not only a very good teacher, professional and responsible but is also a good person, friendly and lovely with a big heart. Always respectful with everyone. Her moto was: Try your best! Learning English is a long and non easy process but always you try your best. Thank you Dara. - Erinda, Italy

My opinion she is best teacher. She knows what she is doing. She was not only teaching English. At the same time you are learning so many experience from her. Such as American culture, talking tips (native, non native etc.). Important thing she is so kind and open mind. Thank you so much DARA TEACHER. - Tayfun, Turkey

It was a very good experience with one of the best teachers I have had. She has a lot of information to teach, a friendly teacher with a good heart. She gave a high quality of teaching and using a creative and new ways. If I had a chance to choose my teacher I will choose Dara, and I advice everyone who want to learn English join Dara's classes. - Enrique, Palestine

If you are starting to learn English, or you are studying it a long time but haven't felt confident, maybe you shy, but you NEED IT, you should meet with Dara K. Fulton. She was so kind and friendly, she was very supported by me, that I started to speak quickly and without big stress. She is passionate about her job and maybe you will become best friends if you will be friendly too. I truly recommend getting acquainted with her. She is awesome. -Olga, Russia

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